Recticel Automotive works on production resumption at Czech plant after fire

The Belgian company Recticel is working on production resumption at its automotive plant in Most, Czech Republic (RAI Most), which suffered a serious fire on January 22. “Since January 27, 2017, part of the premises is again accessible to engineers and contractors, and clean-up activities are ongoing,” the company said on January 31.

From Most Recticel supplies products to several Tier 1 suppliers. “Recticel and its customers, supported by the affected OEMs PSA, Renault, Daimler, BMW and Volkswagen, are cooperating to identify solutions and elaborate alternative production plans that will allow gradual restart of the production of parts, in order to minimize the disruption at the customers’ assembly plants,“ Recticel added.

The fire in Most caused the cessation of the 3008 production at the PSA plant in Sochaux, France. To re-launch production activities disrupted by the fire in Most, PSA management aims to launch deliveries of PU foam surfaces from other suppliers, with particular focus on manufacturers from China, a spokesperson for PSA Sochaux told French news agency AFP, according to wrote on February 13, that due to the fire PSA had decided to postpone the start of production of a new 5008 SUV by two months, namely for the beginning of summer 2017.

The company further mentioned that the Most-Havran plant is covered by insurance policies which are in line with industry standards. “Recticel is currently not in a position to assess the financial consequences of this incident,” the Tier 2 supplier pointed out.

The Most factory produces – on the basis of the patented Colo-Fast and Colo-Sense Lite spray technologies – elastomer interior trim parts for cars, such as skins for dashboard and door panels. RAI Most supplies interior components for projects of the Peugeot W2 (508), VW Passat B8, BMW F23 (2 Series Convertible), BMW F12 (6 Series Convertible), Mercedes W213 (E-Class), Peugeot P8 (3008) or Renault XFA (Scenic). In 2016, RAI Most realised sales of CZK 547 million (EUR 20.3 million), which represents a 5% y/y increase. The factory has about 390 employees, Recticel concluded.

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