Non-public charging stations for EVs in Czech Rep not to fall under new law

The amendment to the Act on Fuels governing the obligations of the operators of charging stations for electric vehicles is heading towards the Chamber of Deputies for final approval on January 20. It envisages, inter alia, that public charging stations will be in a central register maintained by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic (MPO). The MPO has been running the register of conventional charging stations for petrol, diesel and gas stations.

This registry is also going to be changed, as the operators of filling stations will newly have to report even the new types of fuel sold, according to the draft. Fuel traders and operators of gas stations will be allowed to buy compressed natural gas (CNG) only from license holders.

Exceptions for  small charging stations

The draft, which responds to the European Directive, will introduce the definitions and obligations related to the creation of infrastructure for alternative fuels. For example, by this amendment an ordinary charging station for electric vehicles will be considered any station that allows the transmission of electricity to the electric vehicle with an output of 22 kW or less. An exception should be devices with an output of 3.7 kW or less, which are placed in homes or whose main purpose is to recharge electric vehicles, which are not publicly accessible. Charging station with power greater than 22 kW will be designated as high-performanced. Sellers of electricity will not be fuel distributors under the Act on Fuels.
According to the recommendations of the Economic Committee, excluded from the law will be charging stations at residential buildings if they serve to owners of flats or cooperative members. A license from the Energy Regulatory Office (ERU) for the use of electricity for charging stations will not also be necessary anymore. Petr Kudela (KDU-CSL) has submitted a proposal, prepared in cooperation with the customs administration concerning the non-public filling stations. As stated, the proposal creates for operators of non-public stations an obligation to be registered, so there is no space for the application of untaxed fuel.

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